Smooth Skin

Having smooth skin is a sign of healthy looking skin and can leave you feeling younger and looking healthier. It’s better to have smooth skin than have to feel rough and dry skin.

Dry skin is very popular on the face where other people around you can see. This maybe an unappealing look and so it is important to treat the problem to having smoother skin.

In saying that it is not just the look that it is important; looking after your skin and keeping it hydrated is important for health reasons.

There are many natural formulas to help the skin feel silky and smooth. The use of sea salt removes and dry and flaky dead skin.

After wetting the face, gently massage 2 tea spoons of sea salt onto your face with either your fingers or a wet cloth. Then rinse with cold water after a couple of minutes, which causes the pores to tighten.

There are many masks out there that allow you to improve your skins texture. A carrot facial mask, a glowing facial mask, honey facial mask and an orange yoghurt mask. All these are applied to the face for a younger looking and smoother look.

Sticking with the facial area, dark circles can appear under your eyes which are an unappealing look and leaves you looking tired. Creams are available to tackle these problems.

Milia look like whiteheads but are really superficial cysts under the skin that occur when oil and skin cells slough off and get trapped under the skins surface. Usually found where oil glands are most common, such as the face and chest.

They professionally have to be removed but using a lightweight cream can prevent you getting them again. You can also exfoliate daily to dispose of any dead skin cells.

You may also not have smooth skin due to the flesh-colored bumps appearing on your skin as 40% of adults suffer from keratosis pilaris.

These are tiny bumps found on the upper outer arm and thighs. It is due to the top layers not falling off but you can use an exfoliating moisturizer with AHAs that will help keep it smoother.

The problem with keratosis pilaris is that it is a characteristic that is inherited from out parents. So if your parents have it, there is a good chance you will get it.

In growing hairs occur when dead skin cells block off the hairs path out of the skins surface, causing the follicle and the surrounding area to become sore and a bump appears.

These in growing hairs usually appear after shaving or waxing, and it is advised that you use an exfoliating cream to help tackle the problem.

Warts are a common problem which are easily spread and caught. This contractible problem is a viral infection which causes a growth to rise.

Readily available options are out there to treat the cause and they are not expensive.

Cellulite is a common problem which women face, especially as you get older. Cellulite is commonly found on the thighs and is an unsightly view to see. The skin here is uneven and has a rippled effect.

Many attempt to exercise to get the skin to look smoother and firmer but this does not always work. There is a new treatment available now which incorporates the use of radio frequency to treat fatty deposits and cellulite.

It heats under the skin which causes the fat cells to shrink. It also improves circulation to that area and smoothes out the skins surface because it stimulates the collagen production.

This treatment can be carried out on women who have fatty deposits around their body, usually women who have had a kid and can’t dispose of them fatty remains.

Smooth skin is a key characteristic of being healthy because it shows that you look after your skin and body. It is important to have the correct balanced diet and to exercise to keep your body toned and fit.