Skin Treatments

People seeking  skin treatments to improve their skin do so for many different reasons and at any age: acne, birth marks, port wine stains, lines and wrinkles, tattoos they regret, unsightly scars, areas of extreme brown pigment, moles and warts and a selection of different skin diseases and complaints that they find cosmetically unappealing.

Frequent concerns are those that are based on changes in the skin that occur as we age. Skin specialists suggest that most of the changes in our skin as we get older are due to the sun (sometimes referred to as "photo damage") exposure. One way to observe this yourself is to look at the condition and elasticity of your skin on the backs of your hands as compared to another part of your body that is not regularly exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

As we age the skin tissue loses its volume and elasticity resulting in a number of skin conditions we’d rather not see. Gradually, our skin becomes duller and more unbalanced: we develop lines, wrinkles, visible veins, stretch marks, etc. Minor marks that previously did not matter, such as acne scars and open pores, become more apparent.

Healthy diet, regular exercise, good skin care, confidence and a positive attitude towards life will help us to look good for our age. But as the years go by, some of us would prefer to ask for that little bit extra help to maintain or restore our vitality.

Besides everyday skin care regime including cleansing and moisturizing, other options are available to help us maintain healthy looking skin. There are skin treatments that relax lines, wrinkles helping to slow down formation of permanent marks, procedures that refill deeper lines and areas that have lost their fullness with time. Other techniques include removing dull deep layers of skin to encourage new skin layers to develop. The good thing is that there is a variety of surgical and non surgical skin treatments nowadays to suit the needs of any individual providing results helping you look and feel good.

It is a well known fact, that excessive sun bathing, or use of sun beds accelerate the skin aging process: including loss of elasticity, appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, unevenness in skin tone and texture with some areas of brown pigmentation (age spots) and fine red thread veins.

Skin acts as a tough protective blockade against infection and damage. It also forms a central aspect of our appearance. The strains placed on the skin as it performs its functions can eventually affect the living cellular elements of the skin. Loss of fatty tissue can also cause our skin to become loose and sag resulting in a hollowed appearance around the cheek area, and jowls around the chin and jaw.

The cells, called dermal fibroblasts, that make the structural mold of skin by producing collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin become drained and the remaining cells become less active. The result -broken down cells, which are not replaced in sufficient quantity to maintain thickness and tone of the skin. There are many skin treatments and products that aim to replace some of its lost qualities by supplying/ injecting collagen or hyaluronic acid and these skin treatments are suitable for filling large specific lines or wrinkles and instant results are possible.

Private clinics and practitioners offer skin treatments mainly focused on skin changes due to ageing, as these are generally not addressed by the National Health Service.

However, there are some clinics offering private cosmetic treatment for birth marks, active acne, moles, warts, tattoo removal etc.

If you are looking to undergo some particular skin treatment, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor, or get a referral to see a consultant dermatologist (skin specialist) to discuss it before you seek help from a private clinic.

Effective skin treatments for active acne, warts, mole removal and other skin problems are usually provided by the National Health Service, so it is better and safer to follow this route first before going private.

Although one may discover, that certain skin treatment options listed below may not be provided or paid for by the National Health Service in your area (this could include skin treatment for birth marks, scars, port wine stains and active acne using lasers or other light involving treatments), it is always advisable to make  enquiries about availability of such skin treatments.