Skin Toner

Skin toners improve the look of your skin by tightening the pores, leaving a healthy looking glow and a rejuvenated look.

They increase circulation and help to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Toners also help to improve the PH balance of your skin, to give it a natural appearance.

A skin toner helps to improve the overall cleanliness of your skin removing any residue, dirt, any excess oil and dead skin cells.

Applying a facial skin toner is an essential part of your daily cleansing.

Always remember to apply a moisturizer afterwards to keep your skin smooth, hydrated and healthy.

There are different types of skin toners available on the market but many prefer and are taking the option of the natural skin toners available on the market.

One of the formulas available is a combination of rose water and aloe.

Aloe helps to improve and heal damaged skin tissue, whilst rejuvenating the skin and leaving it feeling smooth and healthy.

It also is used because it helps regenerate the skin cells, so you where you have damaged skin, Aloe will help to heal it and generate new skin.

Rosewater is used because it helps hydrate, clean and nourish your skin, helping to keep your skin in its natural PH balance.

By balancing sebum production it is good for both types of skin, whether it is oily or dry skin, as it helps to tighten and close the facial pores.

Tea tree oil is known for helping improve the natural look of the skin and clearing blemishes.

Therefore it is incorporated into this formula because it contains the essential properties such as antiseptic and antibiotic, which helps to clear and prevent blemishes on the face.

Lavender oil is also used in this natural skin toner, as it contains antiseptic and antiviral which helps destroy bacteria, which in turn is a great healer at tackling burns. It is commonly known for assisting in healing major skin problems such as psoriasis and acne.

A skin toner helps to clean the facial skin and is a common aspect which in included in the everyday routine of women’s skin care. A toner is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used as a host of other things.

Use a skin toner to enhance the foundation. Once you have applied your make-up, apply a cotton ball, containing toner to your T-zone area, to help give your skin a fresh oil-free look.

After cleansing, rub a cotton ball with toner over your face to dispose of any make-up or dirt you may have missed when you cleansed.

A skin toner is also good for cleaning your ears, as toners are a general good use and all-purpose cleanser.

Toning lotions can be applied in different ways either by on damp cotton wool, spraying onto the face using a vaporizer or by applying gauze facial masks which are a type of tonic.

This mask is a piece of gauze which you cover with a toning lotion and leave for a couple of minutes. Which ever method you have used you should pat the face almost dry and then apply an appropriate moisturizer that suits your skin.

There are three types of toners you can use, all with a different purpose to suit the different types of skin or problems you may have. Firstly a freshener or skin bracer can be used, which are a mild form of toner.

They contain humectants, which helps to keep moisture in the skin. This type of toner is best suited for dry, hydrated and sensitive skin.

Astringents are the most extreme form of toner which 20-60% is made up of alcohol. They also contain water, humectants and a certain amount of antiseptic ingredients.

They are recommended for oily skins as they dry and are best applied to the problem areas such as spots.

Finally, the third type of skin toner is skin tonics. They can be applied to people with either oily or dry skin as they only contain a small amount of alcohol, at 20%. The rest is made up of water and humectants. Orange water is an example of a skin tonic.