Skin Cream

The word skin cream is a very diverse word which can be narrowed down into sub-categories.

Firstly, sun cream is used to protect you from the suns harmful rays, which can damage the skin and in turn cause skin cancer.

The factor you use will depend upon your type of skin. If you are fair skinned, have moles or any other skin issue then a higher sunscreen factor is appropriate.

People do not realize this, but you still get burnt if you are in water, especially on your upper body because the water reflects the sunlight and so people tend to not realize this.

This applies to, if the skies are cloudy. If you are in a country where the climate is sunny and the sunlight as strong, then the rays will still burn through the cloud. People do not realize this and their naivety means they will get burnt.

So it is important to apply sun lotion with the adequate factor when your skin is exposed to sunlight or you feel UV sunlight is present.

You should apply the sunscreen regularly and 20-30 minutes before you go into the sun, just to give it enough time to set in and work properly.

Malignant melanoma is the worst and most harmful type of skin cancer to get. The UK has the second highest amount of people diagnosed with it in Europe.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. In saying this most cases could be prevented, therefore is the large amount of cases just down to the British peoples naivety and their care for getting a tan?

Malignant melanoma usually develops in the outer layers of the skin, with it being most popular in the legs for women and the back for men. It can often be detected by a change in appearance or feel of a mole.

Skin cancer is a lot of the time due to sun exposure at early childhood.

Therefore it is essential to protect your children from the sun, using a high skin factor, preferably with at least an SPF 15. Young and fair skinned children especially, should be protected with a higher sun factor.

There are many types of skin cream available for different parts of the body. But all have the same aim and affect of protecting your skin.

The skin can be affected in many ways from the natural ageing process to the exposure of too much sunlight.

The sunlight dries out the skin and therefore leaves it un-hydrated. It is essential then to moisturize your skin with a moisturizer that suits your skin and needs.

Many body lotions are available on the market that you can easily apply to your skin and keep it hydrated and looking and feeling young.

Your hands are an area where dryness of the skin is high. This may be due to them being exposed to the cold winter air or that they are in use all the time.

By applying specific creams to your hands, they will feel smoother and healthier.

The main area of the body where moisturizers are applied is on the face. Like with the hands the face is exposed and so the skin maybe left feeling dry.

This is most common in ageing people where the amount of natural grease they once produced is not as much as in the earlier years.

To combat this, specific facial creams are available suiting all needs, even for people with sensitive and very dry skin.

By going into a local health shop, they will be able to direct you in the right way to get a product that best suits your needs.

Women should apply a moisturizer everyday as they apply make-up to their face.

Make-up does not allow as much air to get to the skin which can leave the skin feeling dry and un-hydrated. In saying this men should also apply a moisturizer after shaving.

The foam or gel used to shave can cause the skin to feel dry and flaky. The issue of men’s moisturizers has only become more apparent now, as it seems in the past males opinions and views on moisturizers was that it was very feminine.

Many people have skin problems which are not widely known around the world such as psoriasis, lupus, acne and eczema.

If you notice a rash or marks on your body then you should contact your local healthcare. A lot of these skin problems can be treated in an effective way, many through the use of applying specific creams to treat the problem.