Plump Lips

Women in today’s society are concerned more about their appearance than ever before, and this is not helped by the number of diverse products available, all offering an alternative service or purpose.

Having plump lips is the new cosmetic thing that women across the world are after. Many want bigger, fuller lips that stand out more.

Previously women had to have collagen pumped into their lips to get them to look fuller. The problem with this is that it is expensive, it does not last and so you have to have repeated treatments and also it is very painful.

But now there is an alternative method to getting them fuller lips you have always wanted. New cosmetic lip glosses are available for purchase now, where they contain venom which causes the lips to enlarge.

When you first apply the lip gloss it makes the lips tingle. You then feel the prickles set in and they soon change into a burning sensation.

They redden and start to throb but within a minute the gloss takes full effect and the lips are plump.

As young women go mad for the reactive-based venom, dermatologists are warning that the reaction that takes place could cause an allergic reaction, resulting in too much of an increase in size and also the spread of the inflammation.

Cracks on the lips due to the pressure could also appear. In some worst cases it could result in being rushed to hospital as the allergy can spread to the throat.

Some of these cosmetic volumisers contain spices such as cinnamon and ginger, along with smoothing lotions which when combined, because an increase in the circulation of the lips and makes the blood vessels dilate.

It is not just the specific volumisers which contain these ingredients. Normal lip balms are incorporating some of the aspects into their formula to help diversify their product and hope to increase the quantity sold.

In the USA it is believed that there are up to 50 lip plumper’s available today.

A lip plumper works by producing an increase in hydration, causing a swelling on the lips. It targets the fat cells just below the surface of the lip which results in an increase in the size of the lip. Applying the lip plumper will leave your lips feeling smooth, silky and soft.

The plumper works straight away and the longer you use it the better it gets and the more effective it is. The tingly feeling you get when you first apply the plumper is due to it expanding the cellular structure of your lips.

The lips will then turn red and is a sign that it has worked but it not a sign of any damage. It is also great because anyone of any age can use it. Unless you are allergic to the ingredients used to produce the formula, which is usually spices such as cinnamon.

If you stop using the lip plumper then your lips will gradually go back to there normal size and shape. Lipstick can still be applied to your lips but it is advised that you wait a few minutes for applying it.

Collagen is a very effective and popular way to enhance the shape and look of women’s lips. But the use of applying collagen through the use off the needle is painful and can out people off getting the plumper lips they have always wanted.