Normal Skin

Normal skin would be described as skin with smooth, silky, soft texture, even tone, no blemishes or visible pores, no flaky areas or greasy patches. Good blood circulation and excellent health make normal skin what it is.

Of course, there may be occasional pimples for women just before menstruation due to the increase of the hormonal activity, where sebaceous glands become overactive. But acne, however, could never be a problem of people with normal skin.

We wish, everyone could boast of having normal skin. It is beautiful and perfect. But even normal skin needs looking after. You neglect it and it will lead you to the process of aging faster than you expected.

Skin Care for Normal Skin

• Looking after normal skin doesn’t require much. One should clean it twice a day with a mild soap (baby soap, for example) and water. To tone the skin afterwards you could use something soothing, like rose water.

• At night, one could apply a thin film of homemade moisturizer to keep the moisture balance right.

• If it any time your normal skin becomes slightly dry or greasy in any area, adjust these changes by following the instructions given regarding those particular types of skin.

• After cleansing your skin, apply a mild freshener in order to maintain pores tight and to get rid of the traces of cleanser. Use a low alcohol astringent.

• Always try to use mild, oil-based moisturizer under makeup to help the skin surface to retain the moisture.

• Start practicing using non-drying masks once every two weeks, which stimulates circulation and helps to get that smooth , silky skin effect.

• Avoid direct heat on your face, including that of the blow dryer.

• Guard your skin from ageing , drying sun rays using makeup products containing sun screen.