The skin is the largest organ of the human body and has to deal with the most problems from the environment around us. The skin has to cope with a number of things we put it through from cuts and grazes to too much sunlight exposure.

Too much sun light exposure can cause skin cancer and dry up our skins surface, leaving it rough and dehydrated. Therefore it is important to keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturizer everyday.

Moisturizers are cosmetic products which are used to help hydrate the skin from any water loss or shortage that the skin may suffer from. In order to keep skin hydrated and in good condition, the skin needs both water and the right amount of oil.

Therefore if the skin is lacking one of these aspects then the skin is going to suffer. Moisturizers contain both of these characteristics.

There are two main types of moisturizer, both having different purposes. These are, an oil-in-water based emulsion and a water-in-oil based emulsion.

Oil-in-water based emulsions contain humectants which are good for the skin because it attracts water from the surroundings and therefore hydrates you skin. In saying this, humectants can attract too much water and therefore dry up your skin.

The moisturizer lotions or creams that are available on the market today tend to be the water-in-oil based emulsions which trap the moisture in the skin.

They are known as dehydrating creams. By forming an occlusive film on the skins surface, this forms a barrier preventing water loss.

It is very important to use a moisturizer that suits your skin type and needs. Some moisturizers available are specifically designed to suits peoples needs that may have very dry and sensitive skin.

The amount of oil is dependent upon the skin type for which the skin type is formulated. It is usually found that most available products are water-based, containing little oil and are aimed at the more well-balanced and general normal skin type that people have.

Moisturizers tend not to be used on oily skins because they tend to cause spots. If you do suffer from dry skin though and you do want to apply a moisturizer, then there are oil-free moisturizers available. They contain synthetic ingredients instead of animal fat, vegetable oils and mineral oils.

The effects of the external and surrounding environment cause the skin to dry up and cause loss of water. Therefore the application of moisturizers to your skin is definitely worth while and it is thought that even if you do have normal, dry skin you should apply a moisturizer everyday, on a regular basis.

For women, moisturizers give a smooth finish before applying make-up. By using a light-moisturizing cream allows make-up to be applied easier.

When considering the term moisturizer we instantly think of the face because that is where the bodies skin is most exposed to the surrounding environment.

But many products are available out there which also help moisturize the hands and the rest of your body. They specifically target the roughness and dryness that the hands get like, once they are exposed to the coldness and everyday usage your hands get put through.

Looking after your skin is essential part of having a healthy life. So take care of your skin and keep it hydrated and smooth by applying a moisturizer that suits your need, everyday.