Fair Skin

People who have fair skin are that of a Caucasian race, who have a pale skin tone and usually freckle.

Other characteristics of fair skin which can be drawn are that they have red, light brown or blond hair and blue, gray and green eyes. This in turn means they will burn easily to sun exposure and will not tan darkly. All of which increases the chances of sun cancer.

The word ‘tan’ is actually a build up of pigment in the cells of the skin surface which help protect itself from sun damage. This build up helps block the penetration of the energy given off by the sun.

A ‘tan’ though doesn’t mean it’s a sign of good skin, but in fact the opposite and is a sign of sun damage. People who therefore have fair skin have less build up of skin pigment which in turn means they are more prone to developing skin cancer.

It is therefore important to keep young fair skinned children out of sunlight or protect them with a high sun factor cream, if not it will affect them and make them more susceptible to cancer in the future.

The main form of skin cancer, melanoma is what fair skinned people get the most of and is the worst type of skin cancer to get. Melanoma can develop anywhere on the body but the most common places are the head, neck, arms and legs.

As with Melanoma, fair skinned people are also most susceptible to other forms of cancer than that of dark skinned people. Squamous cell cancers and basal cell carcinoma are less dangerous than that of Melanoma, but even so the fair skin needs to be protected continuously from sun exposure.

The sun is that strong that it is able to penetrate light clothing, meaning even though you maybe wearing clothes, you can still get sun damage to your skin. Getting sunburn at young age increases the chances of getting skin cancer such as melanoma when you are older therefore it is important to protect children and keep them out of the sun.

The signs of a possible problem can be seen when darkening or irregular growth in moles and sores on the skin that have not healed. To be sure you are best visiting your local healthcare to get checked. Treating the cause early increases the chances of stopping the cancer developing and treating it so that you get better.