Face Masks

Face masks are a great way of exfoliating the skin and cleaning the pores and leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated. Many face masks such as exfoliating masks can be bought in the shops which have a general overall affect. Whereas you can make your own face masks, at much cheaper prices and these masks can be for specific areas or problems.

Looking after your skin is an essential part of looking and feeling healthy. There are many treatments available out there which all have different purposes but all have the same focus and aim, of helping to keep your skin in its best possible condition. A lot of treatments available today focus on the facial area because it’s prone to most ill-treatment and exposure to everyday occurrences.

Firstly, a honey facial is good for moisturizing the skin and tightening the pores. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it is able to retract and retain moisture, perfect for the face which can be exposed to all kinds of problems.

As you get older the skin dries up much more easily as the oil and sweat glands do not produce as good as in the younger years. To keep its softness and elasticity, it is important that the skin is kept hydrated. As you age, the skin ages and becomes wrinkled because the skin finds it harder to retain water. Honey contains natural hydrating characteristics that make it an ideal way to keep your skin hydrated. You can also apply this honey facial mask to sensitive skin. It can also be used for soothing skin problems such as acne and can be used as a hair conditioner.

To make the face mask simply whisk together one tablespoon of honey, one egg white, one tea spoon of glycerin and flower. Then smooth over the face and leave for ten minutes, then simply wash off with warm water.

Cucumber is one of the most effective, natural and cheapest ways to look after your skin. It exfoliates and cleanses the skins surface and pores leaving your skin hydrated and radiant. Cucumber is great for the skin because it is a light natural vegetable that contains vitamins that rejuvenate the skin.

It is advised that you use face masks on a regular basis to keep your skin rejuvenated. But use them too much and they can damage your skin, leaving it feeling dry and unhealthy. A maximum of two - three facials a week is respectable.

To make a cucumber facial you need the following ingredients- half a cucumber, one tea spoon of mint, one table spoon of lemon juice and one egg white. Firstly, leave the skin on the cucumber as it contains the most vitamins, and then mix it in with the other ingredients. Then refrigerate your mix for ten minutes. Take the mix out and apply to your face for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water, followed by cold water.

There are many types of face masks available but these two are one of the best for leaving your skin hydrated and clean. Before you apply a face mask though it is important to address your skin type because different face masks have different purposes. As mentioned previous, the honey and cucumber facials are one of the best but they may not suit your skin type or need. Different facials include a mud or clay mask, firming masks, radiance masks, hydrating masks and peel off masks.

A mud mask is best suited for oily skin. Clay masks dry up soon after applying and are good for cleaning out the pores and removing blackheads. They absorb any excess sebum found in the skin. Once applied wash or scrub off with cold water, leaving the skin dirt-free.

Peel-off masks are usually used for tightening the skin and making it smoother, by closing the pores. The gel-based formula is used to remove blackheads and dead skin cells.

Radiance masks are used to tone your skin and leave left moisturized. They contain light diffusers and vitamins to help leave a rejuvenated and glowing look.

Firming masks tend to be used by older women as their skin is not as elasticated at it once was. The cream or gel based treatment tightens up the contours on your face and any loose flesh that you make feel needs firming out.

Hydrating masks simply keep the skin moisturized and prevent any dryness or water-starved skin; leaving you with a healthy appearance.

Remember to use the right face mask that best suits your needs and skin type.