Eden Allure, Argan Oil based Natural Skin Care, Natural Hair Care, Natural Body Care

Eden Allure is a brand name of Cultural Connections, LLC, an American manufacturer of argan oil based natural skin, hair, and body care products.

It was founded in Orlando, FL in 2007. It currently has customers worldwide.

The Eden Allure brand includes premium skin, hair, and body care products, and its formulas utilize natural and organic ingredients and 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil that is Fair Trade certified.


Eden Allure's original product is pure Moroccan argan oil. Although they mix it in other products, the pure oil is the most popular seller. All the argan oil sold is certified organic. Other products in the Eden Allure skin care line include soaps and shampoos.

The soaps are certified organic and come in Lavender and Grapefruit varieties.

Environmental Policy

Cultural Connections LLC buys carbon offsets which it displays on its website. It also contributes money to Global Fund for Women and to the Kiva microloan organization. The argan oil and other foreign ingredients are Fair Trade certified.


The Eden Allure brand is currently being distributed in South Korea. The parent company Cultural Connections LLC is in talks to begin large-scale distribution in Canada.