Clear Skin

Having clear skin is a sign of healthy skin, which is a sign of the healthiness within you. Your skins complexion maybe determined either by how you look after your skin or it maybe just about the hormones you produce which can determine the outcome. In saying this if your skin is not clear there are options available to you to help solve them. Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids alter your hormone metabolism and so are good sources of consumption to help fight problems such as acne.

Clear skin would be described as having smooth looking healthy skin that does not contain any spots, acne or any other facial blemishes or problems. Acne is a main problem of not having clear skin. Sometimes people get advised on buying and using products that are hard on stripping of the skin to get rid of any dirt that maybe on the skin. This is not true though as it may strip away the essential oils, which may cause sebum production. Women should also stay away from heavy foundations as it does not allow the skin to breathe easily which could result in build up in the skins pores.

There are two types of acne, the first being non-inflammatory acne which is when microcomedones become non-inflamed skin blemishes known as comedones. These comedones are either a whitehead or a blackhead.

A whitehead is produced when trapped bacteria and sebum are found below the surface of the skin. Usually the whitehead will rise above the skin but sometimes it is that small it is naked to the visible eye.

A blackhead appears when trapped sebum or bacteria is open to the skins surface. People mistake it for dirt because its black instead it is because of melanin, a change in the skins pigment.

The second type of acne is the inflamed and visible type. Papule is one type of this which is caused by a break in the follicular wall causing white blood cells to rush in, thus inflaming the pore. Pustule, are white blood cells rising to the skin a few days later.

This is what is people refer to as a zit. Inflamed forms which usually explode or collapse are known as a nodule or a cyst. A nodule occurs when a follicle breaks along the bottom causing an inflamed bump. A cyst is a severe inflammatory reaction which can cause a huge build up of pus in the lesions. All of these can cause pain and be an unappealing look.

Acne is the main characteristic when considering what having clear skin is all about. But this is not necessarily the case. People may generalize clear skin to be just having clean skin that is healthy and smooth. Certain steps can be taken in order to have or to keep your skin clear and radiant.

Wash your skin with an appropriate cleanser that does not strip away the natural oils that keep your skin smooth and healthy. Instead opt for a cleanser that is natural and suits your skin type. Do not use soap though as it dries away the natural oils and can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated.

Exfoliate your skin at night after you have washed your face to get rid of any dirt our bacteria left in your pores. This will leave you feeling fresh and hydrated. Never scrub your face as you increase the chance of damaging your skin. Gently rub and wash your face and moisturize it afterwards.

In order to have clear skin it is important to look after your skin by treating it with gentle care and applying the right products to help care for your skin. If you have acne then there are treatments and products available now that can help you get rid of it.