Celebrity Skin Care

We won’t be mistaken, if we’ll say that the celebrities became a part of our life - whether on television, billboards or big screen.

You cannot escape them with their gorgeous looks, fit bodies and healthy skin. Some people tend to think that celebrities assert negative influence on public, pushing it to starve or spend enormous sums of money to achieve that Barbie doll look. But if you think about it, they help us in a way too. Celebrities challenge us to exercise regularly, they motivate us to maintain celebrity skin care regime, healthy diet; they keep us from eating an extra helping of chocolate cake.

You have to remember: celebrities are human after all and they are far from being perfect. They may have been blessed with fit bodies and good looks, but age conquers all. To maintain every single feature they have to work hard. Celebrities take care of their precious bodies (weight control, diet and fitness regimen), hair and skin.

But how about their flawless skin? They sure have suffered from acne or dandruff at some point in their lives. Staying in the sun for long hours, applying layers of makeup all the time, sleeping at odd times, intense lighting on the set – certainly are not the celebrities’ skin care favourites. So, celebrities take extra care of their looks and so can you.

Celebrity skin care starts with prevention. The modern look of healthy celebrity skin is the look of porcelain, delicate, and cared for skin, that is protected from premature aging and environmental damage.

Like most Hollywood stars, you need to bring the exposure of your skin to the sun to a minimum.

Celebrity Skin Care Tips

Celebrity skin care tip No 1:
Sun minimizing not worshiping

Celebrity skin care tip No 2:
Choose skin care products with SPF protection. Many of the newest sunscreen products contain natural and organic components, such as chemical- free botanicals, seed oils, leaf extracts, butters; others contain offer anti-oxidants to slow down the aging process. Skin care products like these are becoming necessity for celebrity skin care regime.

Celebrity skin care tip No 3:
Look for waterproof or sweat proof products if you are about to go to the gym or for a jog. You don’t want the goodness of skin care products soaking into your clothing instead of your skin.

Celebrity skin care tip No 4:
Don’t smoke. Smoking is a “no-no”, if you want to compete with the celebrity skin care programme.

Celebrity skin care tip No 5:
Avoid stress –both: emotional and environmental

Celebrity skin care tip No 6:
Don’t neglect certain parts of your skin, like elbows, neck, décolletage. They need moisturizing too. Don’t forget, that your scalp and tops of your feet require sun protection.

Celebrity skin care tip No 7:
Wash your face twice a day and apply proper treatment product. You’d be surprised to know how much of really not nice stuff collects overnight on top of your skin (dead skin cells, dirt, dust, etc.).

Celebrity skin care tip No 8:
Get enough rest and proper nutrition.

Celebrity skin care tip No 9:
Touch your face less and wash your hands more. Don’t indulge yourself in picking, squeezing, scratching certain areas of your skin. Let the skin care products take control over the blemishes. Don’t traumatize, scar your skin, no matter how strong your impulse might be.

Celebrity skin care tip No 10:
Keep your makeup simple and don’t overdo it, especially if you are trying new products. If you’re trying new product, do it gradually, so that your skin has time to adjust. The fact is that, each skincare or makeup product nowadays contains an average of 20 to 40 ingredients – so, think of the idea that you might be introducing from 20 to 40 potential allergens to your face every time you try something new!

Celebrity skin care tip No 11:
Keep your makeup up to date – the average shelf life of cosmetics is 6 to 12 months. Don’t buy expensive products if you cannot afford replacing them every 6 months.
Keep your makeup clean (replace sponges of your compact, etc.).

Celebrity skin care tip No 12:
Be reasonable with the amount of skin care products you apply. More is not always better. Don’t slather every square inch of your body with cosmetic products (exfoliators- you have to be careful with, used too often, they irritate and over acidify your skin).

Talking about celebrity skin care, one would but mention advanced skin care treatments that reduce signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin.

Celebrity Skin Care Treatment

Celebrity skin care treatment No 1:

Sun-damaged skin can be softened by non-surgical procedures such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion. The strength of a chemical peel depends in each case on the level of skin damage. Most chemical peels are offered for the areas of the face and neck, but there are chemical peels available for other skin areas, even the feet. One has to be aware of the side effects of the chemical peels, as their acid can result in hurting sensations, you might be out of the street for a few days.

Celebrity skin care treatment No 2.

There is a quicker temporary fix, well known amongst Hollywood celebrities- Botox Cosmetic (relaxes wrinkles). Botox is normally used for facial wrinkles, deep expression lines, such as the furrow between the eyebrows.

Celebrity skin care treatment No 3:

Hyaluronic acid-based injection treatment is offered to treat finer facial lines using fillers made from hyaluronic acid, a natural component of you skin tissue. Restylane injection is the most popular, it lasts longer than Botox (by as much as 3 months) and gives instant plumping to your skin.

Celebrity skin care treatment No 4:

One of the newest competitors of Restylane, is Juvederm injection, that also cushions the skin and makes moderate facial wrinkles and lines disappear.

The looks and the life style of the stars fascinate us. It is fun to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of celebrities and borrow a few tips, but remember to retain your own identity and originality, in the end of the day, you are a star too; remember there is no one like you in the world. Stay unique!