Body Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body and it has more jobs than just a layer around the rest of your body and organs. Firstly it acts as a form of protective barrier, helping prevent the body from disease and injury. The skin also helps to keep moisture in the body, meaning the body does not starve of de-hydration. The skin importantly regulates the body temperature and also produces vitamin D.

The largest organ in the human body over the years has to endure and deal with a number of things. Therefore it is enevitable that it is going to suffer. But you can take certain steps in order to prevent and help change the nature of your skin.

Having a balanced diet and of course exercising, will help keep your body in shape and therefore the health and look of your body skin. Excersing on a regualr basis will help to tone the muscles you are working on and help prevent sagging, fat and wrinkles of your bodies skin.

When we usually refer to wrinkles we think of them appearing on the face. But you can find wrinkles and sagging especially, all over the body. This becomes more apparent as the years go on, as you exercise less and the age sets in. The muscle becomes less defined and toned, usually resulting in an increase in weight and sagging of the skin.

Chicken wings as they are known are very common in older women, which is the sagging of the skin on the under side of the upper arm. Like this, older people tend to develop skin sagging under the chin and on the neck. It is very difficult to stop these occurring because they are a natural characteristic of the age process.

But by keeping healthy and doing an adequate amount of exercise that suits you, there is more that your body will stay toned for longer and your skin will look and feel a lot healthier. Eating the correct foods that contain antioxidants such as blueberries and green tea, your diet will be more balanced and your skin will be a lot healthier.

Two main body areas where women are looking to improve the look are their legs and chest area. This is likely to be because they are on show to the public eye a lot of the time and so they do not want their chest looking old and their legs not in good condition. Therefore there are two main aspects to focus on here.

Firstly, reducing the excess pigment on the chest area improves the overall feel and look of the skin which is a direct result of too much sunlight exposure in the early ages of adulthood. There are professional peelers that dispose of the top layer of excess pigment. Ruddiness, which is caused by tiny dilated blood vessels below the skins surface, can be eradicated with lasers that seal off the blood vessels. Cheaper, more readily available options are out there such as peelers and exfoliating chemicals.

The second part is attempting to reduce varicose veins, cellulite and minimise spider veins. Here there is a strong genetic link but there is also a strong link between varicose and spider veins with that of increased pressure on the veins. Long standing or sitting and crossing your legs, increases the chances of these veins developing. It causes the vessel walls to dilate and make them stand out more.

People tend to think that the facial skin is most important to look after but this is not the case so remember that the rest of your body skin is just as important.