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SYN®-AKE is a new anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of waglerin 1, a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper.

The most revolutionary anti wrinkle cream on the market today.
Syn-ake is an excellent anti-wrinkle active compound with a snake venom-like mode of activity

Syn-ake smoothes wrinkles in a short period of time.

Syn-ake age killing effect particularly effective against expression lines

Syn-ake is an intensive anti-wrinkles care.

Efficacy Tests

in vitro tests:
The efficacy of the Syn-ake tripeptide (at a concentration of 0.5mM) has been demonstrated in vitro by measuring the frequency of contraction of the innervated muscle cell as a function of the incubation time.

Syn-ake peptide reduces muscle cell contraction and its action if reversible.

In vivi tests:
The measurement of the smoothing and anti-wrinkle effect of Syn-ake (4%) was compared to a placebo. A cream was applied to the forehead twice daily during 28 days.

Syn-ake - Age Killing Effect.
The smoothing effect (Ra) was measured on 80% of the volunteers and the anti-wrinkle effect (Rz, Rt) measured on 73% of the volunteers.
Results showed up to 52% of wrinkle size after 28 days application!

Syn-ake is a new anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of waglerin 1, a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri.

The Real "Age-Killing-Effect"

Syn-ake: synthetic substance mimics snake venom activity

Snake venom can be deadly - but similar substances can also heal!! The form. Of a "wrinkle-killer" it is being used to help boost the self-confidence of both men and women. Syn-ake is a synthetic substance, which mimics part of a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper. It has beneficial effects for the skin - perhaps "Love at first bite?.

Lines caused by facial expressions are always visible. We use about 60 facial muscles whilst communicating both through speech and with facial expressions, frowning, the lifting of eyebrows laughing and pulling a face are some typical facial expressions that we use to communicate.

As time passes and with frequent use of these facial movements, these wrinkles persist and become permanent deep wrinkles on the forehead, laughter lines and crow's feet. Those who no longer want to live with these can now spare themselves the danger and discomfort of cosmetic surgery or the use of expensive botox injections.

Syn-ake solves this problem on a strictly cosmetic basis. The new synthetic Tripeptide mimics the effect of Waglerin-1. Which is a protein found in the venom of the Temple Viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri). The viper owes its name to the German herpe- tologist Johann Georg Wagler. At the beginning of the 19th century, he analysed and described it.

The Temple~ Viper is found in great numbers in the Snake Temple of the island Penang, Malaysia. It has enjoyed cult status there for the last 150 years. Waglerin-1 Inhibits neuromuscular communication.

Once the snake has bitten its prey the venom blocks the nerve impulses to the muscles, thereby paralysing its victim. Whereas this causes death, the synthetic imitation of parts of the venom only causes relaxation of facial muscle contractions, resulting in a smooth skin and a renewed enjoyment of life.

The effectiveness of this substance is astounding: it has excellent skin- smoothing properties and reduces the depth of facial wrinkles in just a few days. A study involving 45 volunteers confirmed these results. During this test, the use of SYN-AKE twice daily-reduced forehead wrinkles, by up to 52% in just 28 days.

The in vivo studies dealing with crow's feet confirmed the efficiency of the product. In vitro studies show that SYN-AKE, in a concentration of 0.5 mm, reduces the frequency of muscle contractions in innervated muscle cells by 82% (p<O.05) within only 2 hours.

The active compound Syn-ake is the result of Peptides synthesis and expertise in snake venom research. The researchers at Pentapharm have managed to make a remarkable transference from the effects of snake venom peptides, which consist of 22 amino acids to a peptide-like com- pound containing only 3 amino acids. This kind of research has long been a tradition at Pentapharm.

For 30 years, snake venom has been used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. One example is the utilization of the anti-coagulant properties of parts of the South American Lance Adder venom. To this purpose, Pentapharm in Brazil maintains a snake farm, housing and breeding about 10,000 snakes.

The venom is milked locally in Brazil. Then transported to Switzerland for purification and further processing.

The synthetic peptide Syn-ake thus enables Pentapharm to dispense with the use of the snake farm. Syn-ake is safe. Indisputably, ecology-friendly and totally without risk, during production (in line with our "Responsible Care Program"). It contains no preservative and is considered absolutely safe for use in cosmetic products.

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